I came to the Landuu Company on Good Friday 2018. I knew Wendy and she had told me about the new company and their services. I initially went because I was experiencing chronic anxiety attacks which had got worse since I had been treated for bowel cancer. At the first meeting Lynda and Wendy introduced me to the theory of cancer being caused by a significant emotional event the person cannot deal with at the time. Without going into detail, I had gone from a secure job and total independence to facing homelessness and no income. I had cancer of the bowel, cancer in the spine and had a lump in my breast which at the time had not been diagnosed. I had had chemotherapy and decided I would not have it again as I had been so ill.

My life changed that day. By skillfull assessment and then ongoing support in resolving my life’s emotional conflicts I am now pleased to say I have found a new mission in life. In June I had a scan which has shown the bowel cancer is shrinking. I feel well and am allowing my body to continue healing. I continue to meet the girls for emotional support and will until I am fully recovered.

I recommend anyone facing cancer to meet Lynda and Wendy to heal the emotions that cause the cancer and the emotions caused by cancer.

If anybody would like to hear more about AMM's journey, they are willing to be contacted through the Landuu Company.