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Sending cancer Into Retreat



This time out is designed for sending cancer into retreat. This retreat is for you if you are interested in cancer and how differing models of health care view cancer. Through a series of exercises you will identify how cancer can be approached using a combination of mind, body and spiritual techniques. This holistic approach enables you to consider all the factors affecting people on their journey and to leave knowing how to create a personalised system of healing.

You will discover the unique causes of cancer, the emotions which cause it , and how these emotions and the emotions associated with cancer and other illnesses can be released. Through a series of interactive sessions you will learn the importance of self-awareness and self-care in healing. You will be assisted in examining how beliefs impact on wellbeing and how these can be changed to actively increase your bodies healing potential.

You will discover the importance of your life’s mission and how this can give purpose to you in living a productive healthy life.




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Day 1

We explore the causes of cancer, using our specially designed system to help identify the underlying factors associated with cancer.


Day 2

We explore the ways in which beliefs affect recovery, how they are formed and help you to develop supportive beliefs.


Day 3 

We help you identify the toxic emotions associated with cancer and then learn and apply multiple techniques for releasing them.

Day 4

We use the Magical Mind Transformer system to re program your mind and body for health and wellness.


Day 5

We give you an emotional navigation system which helps you to connect with your core wisdom when dealing with the traumas of life’s journey.



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This retreat includes 4 nights accommodation, meals and refreshments.

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


You must pay a 10%. None refundable deposit at the time of booking. Full payment due 56 days prior the course commencing.

If you cancel before the 56 days no further payment will be required.

If you cancel after this time a cancellation charge will be made. See full booking conditions for more detail.