We are a life enhancing company whose purpose is to heal the mind body and soul of our clients. We specialise in helping people to find the emotional  cause of their illness and to heal the emotions associated with it.

It is our passion to help people experience the spiritual and personal growth that enables them to heal and live full, happy purposeful lives. We believe every person is a unique individual and the solutions to their illness is as unique as they are. 

We do this through the provision of an assortment of programmes which includes, retreats, one day workshops and one to one coaching.





I’m Lynda and I’m the L part of the L and W (LANDUU) I’ve done many things in my life, nursing, teaching, managing, director of two companies.

All through my career I have had slightly different beliefs to the norm within my profession. I became an NLP practitioner, master practitioner and an NLP trainer. I also put into practice my beliefs around metaphysics having read Stuart Wilde’s book on affirmations, and every positive personal development book you can imagine. I had my baby using hypnosis, supported by my sister. I truly discovered what you think is what you get, and it was amazing. 

In 2016 I was able to be semi-retired. I had left work in less than perfect circumstances having been set up by a colleague who hid records, said supportive things to me whilst metaphorically stabbing me in the back. By 2017 I had got over the shock of leaving my job this way when Wendy asked me to join her at The Landuu Company. I was ready for my new start when the bombshell came and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. 

It was at this point that I really felt the impact of the C word. I had an emotional roller coaster waiting for treatment. One moment being really positive and the next overwhelmed. 

At this time Wendy came across the research of Dr Hamer, which showed that illness including cancer is caused by an emotional conflict the person does not know how to deal with. More interestingly the type of conflict related to the location of the cancer. Bladder cancer being caused by “ugly conflict, dirty tricks” It was so apt. I knew then I had to resolve my emotions around this to heal.

By seeking the support of Wendy as my personal coach transforming my emotional conflicts I found new purpose in life. I have learnt how to heal my emotions and love myself and the joy that this brings to mind, body and psyche. I am now committed to using all my previous learning and experience to teach others to heal the emotions which cause and arise from illness. This journey has been a gift.

I am now a spiritual coach who helps people with to resolve their emotions and align their beliefs, so they can live their life to the full.

If you have had a traumatic illness I invite you to join us on one of our many programmes and learn the secrets of healing your emotions and to start the transformation of your own life. Namaste.


28 years ago I began my journey into holistic health. I discovered the POWER of beliefs and how our health is directly affected by the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold. I cured myself of hayfever, helped my sister give birth under hypnosis, learnt the art of Qigong. I taught other nurses how to apply these principles. 

And then I hit my life crisis. I divorced and found myself financially vulnerable. I created more and more financial hardship till the day all my belongings  could fit in the back of a clapped out fiat uno. I made a commitment to myself never to be that vulnerable again.

I worked and I worked and I worked. The pay was good but the cost was high. Long hours. Long drives. Long periods away from home. I tried several alternatives from working for myself, working for others but all involved working long hours. 

My final attempt to address the balance was to start the Landuu Company with Lynda. The universe decided we would not be overwhelmed with work and we would have time to do some development work. Then the wake up call came. Lynda got cancer. I couldn't even say the word without wanting to cry. We had both been screened regularly for bowels cancer as we were informed by the medical community that the bowel cancer that had killed our mother was the gene that could be inherited, and we were at risk of having it. 

We both believe in spiritual practice and that things happen for a reason. I have watched Lynda heal, grow and develop following her experience. I’ve been privileged to help.  I strongly believe the reason was for us to come through this to help others do so. 

It has led to our developing as people, as business women and helping others do the same.

# send your cancer into retreat. # find your mission in remission. # heal the trauma that causes illness and the traumas that illness causes