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Upcoming Retreats


sending Cancer into retreat
(5 DAYS)



This retreat is designed for people who have an interest in learning how to heal the emotional trauma that is both the contributor and result of illnesses, in particular cancer.  Through a series of exercises you will identify how to deal with  emotional trauma using a combination of mind, body and spirit approaches. This holistic approach enables you to consider all the factors that impact on cancer and to leave with a personalised system of healing.


Dealing with the emotions of cancer. A retreat for carers

(3 days) 

february 2019


This retreat is aimed at people who are supporting a loved one or a friend through cancer. It enables you as a carer to take time out to re -energise and to explore the ways in which you can enhance the experience of your loved one.
You will explore how you can positively influence and empower your loved one in dealing with their illness. You will learn how your words can harm or heal and the power of rapport in the support of your loved one. 


One - One Coaching

Our one on one coaching enables you to identify the underlying cause of your illness. We then use a series of mind body and soul approaches to resolve the emotions which caused the illness and the subsequent emotions associated with living with a diagnosis.

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Personal Programmes

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We run a variety of programmes that facilitate in the healing of emotional trauma around illness.

Programme One: 

Healing the Traumas of Illness

Programme Two:

Myth-busting cancer, workshop for professionals.

Programme Three

Caring To Heal Workshop


Join Our Retreat

This retreat is designed for learning how we send cancer into retreat. Participants will learnabout the emotional causes of illness and how these emotions can be healed using our holistic mind body and spirit approaches. Participant will experience the impact of beliefs and learn how to create lasting positive beliefs for any situation.

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